Mime’j Seafoods Tour

By MAARS CDIL Brett Bancroft
Source: Netawek Ikjikum Vol. 6 – Issue 1 & 2 June/Sept 2010

On June 23, 2010, I had the opportunity to travel to the South Shore area of Nova Scotia to view various facilities owned and operated by Mime’j Seafoods Ltd., which is the Aboriginal Communal Commercial Fisheries Entity (ACCFE) of the Native Council of Nova Scotia (NCNS).

Accompanying myself on the tour were Jordan Crane, Manger of L’nu Fisheries Ltd., Jason Harquail, Manager of Aboriginal Seafoods Network, Kim Nash-McKinley, NBAPC President and Chief, as well as NS AMDO Franz Kesick, PEI AMDO Naomi Crane and NB AMDO Barry LaBillois.

Our first stop was in Brooklyn, Queen’s County, Nova Scotia where we saw the MV Kitpu (Eagle) VI in port. Our second stop was at the Mime’j Seafoods warehouse in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, where we were introduced to two Mime’j employees, Fleet Manager Larry Whynot and Assistant Fleet Manager Matt Whynot. We were able to view the grounds at the warehouse both inside and out, and view the numerous amounts of gear, traps and areas of storage for vessels and gear, as well as see the equipment needed to build new traps. After the warehouse we traveled to Shelburne, Nova Scotia, to view the MV Kitpu (Eagle) Talon in port at Shelburne Wharf.

After visiting the wharf in Shelburne, we continued on our journey down the south shore to visit the Lobster pound in Point Sable Island, Nova Scotia. We viewed the facilities available at the pound as well as the intricate operations of the facilities.

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