Maritime Aboriginal Aquatic Resources Secretariate


An important overarching goal, vision and objective of the Maritime Aboriginal Aquatic Resources Secretariate is instituting a multi-functioning team of Aboriginal professionals who can create collaborative partnerships with other stakeholders involved in aquatic resources, oceans management, the commercial fishing industry and decision making within a collaborative management body framework.

Each member of the MAARS team has specific roles and responsibilities. Together they share the tasks, knowledge, approaches and resolve to achieve the vision and role of Aboriginal Peoples in all aspects of aquatic resources knowledge, oceans management processes, commercial fishing industry planning, and decision making processes for the collective advancement and rightful share to aquatic resources for the sustained economic growth of the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples.

MAARS Governing Board:

The Maritime Aboriginal Aquatic Resources Secretariate is an established secretariate of the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council. The Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council is the governing board of MAARS and approves policies. The operations and management of MAARS is handled by administrators.
MAARS Administration:

MAARS is administered by a director and operates out of Truro, Nova Scotia. The approach and administration of MAARS is through task activities and a team effort. Each MAARS team member is a vital link to MAARS achieving its vision, mission, goals, and objectives. The sustained growth of the partners' communities in the Atlantic commercial fishing industry, greater involvement in oeans management processes, decision making, and the contribution to the knowledge base about aquatic resources in and around the traditional homelands of the Mi'Kmaq, Malecite and Passamaquoddy is the catalyst for team effort and administration.
MAARS Services Team:

Roger Hunka

Roger Hunka
Roger Hunka, Implementation Secretariate Director has been appointed by the Board to advance in the formative years MAARS, the maritime region Aboriginal Peoples Partners Aquatic Resources and Oceans Management Collaborative Management Body.

Roger brings to MAARS over thirty years of administrative experience. For the past twenty years, Roger has been directly involved in formulating numerous organizational structures which accommodate and advance Aboriginal Peoples social, economic, cultural and political Institutions and Services.

Roger's experience covers: Adult Education, Producer Learning Manuals & Visuals, Reporter tribunals, boards, agencies, commissions, Intergovernmental Relationships, and continues to study the several generations of the evolution of the rights of societies.

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Jeannie N (nee, Hayward) Hopkins

Aaron Allen
Jeannie N (nee, Hayward) Hopkins lived most of her life in the picturesque fishing community of Barrington Passage and the Town of Shelburne.

After her regular education, Jeannie came to Truro, and enrolled at the Truro Campus, Nova Scotia Community College where she graduated with a diploma in Business administration with a concentration on accounting. Jeannie honed her accounting skills to become proficient with the Simply Accounting Program.

Jeannie spent several years with Convergys as a customer sales representative. After upgrading her accounting skills, she joined the MAPC/MAARS team as a part-time account posting and bank reconciliation clerk.

For the past 2 years Jeannie has acquired skills and knowledge on MAARS operations. She is instrumental in maintaining the 2500 plus mailing list current. Jeannie also provides support for the production of Mawqatmuti'kw the MAPC/MAARS/IKANAWTIKET journal. Jeannie is also responsible for inventory, sales and customer service of Log Books and Tags distributed though the MAPC Log Book/Tag Office.

As our newest team member, Jeannie is interested in supporting the work of IKANAWTIKET as it relates to supporting youth involvement in preservation projects initiated by IKANAWTIKET.

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Joshua McNeely

Joshua McNeely
Joshua McNeely, Regional Facilitator for MAPC-IKANAWTIKET was hired by the 3 partner Native Councils to initiate a MAPC regional environmental respect service, IKANAWTIKET, for the Maritimes Region Traditional Ancestral Homelands Aboriginal Peoples and their Native Councils, ACCFEs, and MAARS. Joshua is located in the MAARS Truro regional office.

Joshua is of Romani decent from Bohemia, in Eastern Europe. Like his ancestors, Joshua has lived in many places, with a suitcase that is always packed. Originally from the State of Illinois, Joshua and his wife Kimberley Belliveau currently live in a '150 year old restoration project' in Mount Pleasant, Nova Scotia. He is a graduate of Mount Allison University (Sackville, NB) with a B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry. Joshua also has additional formal education and training in office administration, human resources development, and workforce education development.

Joshua's work and volunteer history has been quite varied, giving him a wealth of experience to draw upon for this important assignment with MAPC. He has an understanding of the pace of government from his work in government offices, has a strong sense of duty instilled by service in the U.S. Navy, and has an analytical mind sharpened through work in an environmental laboratory and university training.

Where Joshua is most at home though is in the outdoors. Some of his fondest memories are of his river restoration work with the Cumberland County River Enhancement Association and community volunteer work with the Boy Scouts of America, through which he holds the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

Joshua loves to explore new places, history, and understanding about our natural world. He is keenly interested in examining how people inter-relate through culture, religion, and politics. Most appropriately, Joshua's first love has always been in the beauty of all things that grow and move and of the smell and touch of earth and rain.

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Vanessa Mitchell

Vanessa Mitchell
Vanessa Mitchell was a summer intern for IKANAWTIKET as a River Technician for the Shubenacadie River: Shaping Lands and Communities Through Time project in 2016. After returning to school in the fall, she maintained her relationship with the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council by contributing research towards the MAPC response regarding changes to the Canadian Fisheries Act and later turned her attention back to the Shubenacadie River project.

Originally from Campbellton, New Brunswick, visions of Atlantic salmon jumping from the Restigouche River are never far from Vanessa's thoughts. She now lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where she takes any opportunity to venture to the shores of the ocean, lakes, or rivers and breathe deep.

Vanessa recently earned her Master's of Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University. She also completed her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Saint Mary's University where she focused on watershed and fisheries management – writing her thesis on measures to address conflict in fisheries. She is especially interested in how different communities relate to and interact with the natural environment and the resources found within. As one can imagine, there is immense opportunity to engage that interest within the MAPC/IKANWTIKET environment.

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Daniel Jewell

Daniel Jewell
Daniel Jewell began at MAPC/MAARS in the spring of 2019 as the Habitat Impact Assessment Manager. Dan graduated from Dalhousie in 2017 with a BSc in Earth Science, and in 2018 completed an Advanced Diploma in GIS Application at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC.

Through his education, Dan learned to appreciate the interconnectedness of natural systems. He is especially interested in cycles of erosion and sedimentation, and how that process can create and damage habitats.

Growing up just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dan has spent most of his life exploring the parks and coastlines of the Maritimes. He feels that the more he learns about our region, the more he is able to appreciate its natural beauty.

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Aaron Allen

Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen, the MAPC/MAARS Webmaster, has worked as a web designer, programmer and consultant for more than 20 years on many different projects both locally and nationally.

Based in Truro, Nova Scotia, Aaron works from his home office and provides ongoing support for this project and many others. His range of experience includes work as a freelance journalist and writer.

Working closely with Roger Hunka and the rest of the MAARS team, Aaron has been busy developing this website as well as other online tools for the MAARS Team.

MAARS Regional Stations:

The three Aboriginal Peoples Representative Organizations' communities live throughout the large Maritime region and, as the coastal Aboriginal Peoples of the Maritimes, occupy one of the longest coastlines in Canada. The area is prolific with many stake holder interests and ocean user activities involving many aquatic resources, oceans management, fishing industry, and decision making processes.

To cost effectively reach the entire region, the MAARS Community Aquatic Resources Development Advisors (CARDAs) are strategically deployed within the three Maritime Provinces with MAARS stations in Truro, Fredericton, and Charlottetown.


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