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MAARS Services

Agreed on a vision, directed by a mission, collaborating on thirteen goals and focused with thirteen objectives, MAARS serves the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples' community partners and their communal commercial fisheries enterprises with advisory management support on aquatic resources, oceans management, commercial fishing industry and effective participation in governance decision making processes.

Aquatic Resources:

The Maritime Region traditional ancestral homelands communities of Mi'Kmaq, Malecite and Passamaquoddy Aboriginal Peoples have each established Aboriginal communal commercial fisheries enterprises.

Collectively, these communal commercial fisheries enterprises operate within the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Scotian Shelf and Bay of Fundy. The Atlantic Ocean waters are the life source and habitat for thousands of aquatic living resources.
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Oceans Management:

The impacts on the oceans environment and coasts by the relentless activities of human kind has caused dramatic changes, harm and growing evidence of ocean habitat destruction. Oceans management decision makers can no longer continue to segregate or isolate the wide range of social, economic and environmental issues in oceans management decision making.

Integrating the wide scope of social, economic and environmental topics within the context of oceans life in transparent inclusive processes, inviting of all interests, is the only approach to healing and saving our sustainable oceans world - our legacy to our future generations.
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Commercial Fishing Industry:

The oldest, largest and most important resources industry and commercial business in the Maritime Region is the commercial fishing industry, which generates billions of dollars for the economic growth of the region. While the MAARS partners retain independent control and autonomy for the conduct of their communal commercial fishing enterprises, each agree that a regional collaborative aquatic resources and oceans management body can promote rightful access to commercial aquatic resources, sharing best modern fishing practices and management and achieving sustained economic growth of the Aboriginal communal commercial fisheries in the Maritime Region.
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Multi-Stakeholder Relationships:

Nurturing predictable multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance effective participation of the MAARS partner communities and their Aboriginal communal commercial fisheries enterprises in the various processes affecting aquatic resources, oceans management, the commercial fishing industry and governance decision making is a MAARS Team effort.

The MAARS Community Aquatic Resources Development Advisors (CARDAs) deployed within the three Maritime Provinces identify and attend many multi-stakeholders meetings. The MAARS partner communities and supportive stakeholders are kept informed about MAARS through community meetings and the MAARS newsletter Netawek Ikjikum (voice of the ocean).
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Governance Decision Making:

The fundamental difference between Aboriginal Peoples' access to aquatic resources, input into oceans management, participation in the commercial fishing industry and direct involvement in governance decision making is communal over private. Aboriginal Peoples' stake and interest in aquatic resources and oceans management involve the whole community.

Our social progress, economic development, and responsibility to maintain a sustainable living world, begins with our world-view principles, co-management arrangements, and aquatic harvesting regimes. Recognizing our history and relationships for sharing and our place in the Federation of the Peoples of Canada requires respect to accommodate our direct involvement in decision making governance.
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