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The social well being and continuum of our Aboriginal coastal communities needs to be considered when planning and identifying opportunities to promote the social capital of all citizens.

When undertaking oceans resources economic development initiatives in a region or country, the inclusion of Aboriginal Peoples economic development interests is vital.

The involvement of all society in aquatic resources and oceans management is vital and requires inclusive collaboration with Aboriginal Peoples.

Inviting all interests and encouraging broad-based input on a range of topics in the development of oceans management policies, strategies, plans and programs must include Aboriginal Peoples. Policies and programs need to integrate social, economic and environmental issues, concerns, needs and interests openly, fairly and collaboratively.

Our MAARS traditional ancestral coastal Aboriginal Peoples partner communities have a long history in the Maritime Region. Our world-view traditional knowledge is holistic, as are our approaches to decisions.

The wide array of oceans sciences disciplines, international conventions, protocols, federal policies, acts, programs, initiatives, rights holders and stakeholders interests far exceed the time, capacity and level of involvement that Aboriginal Peoples can accommodate.
  • Within the constraints of limited staff, MAARS serves our partners by assessing priority oceans management processes throughout the region and deploys regional representation to as many processes as possible.

  • The MAARS team serves the partners' community and Aboriginal communal commercial fisheries enterprise by providing a central regional platform for identifying, prioritizing and coordinating regional issues, concerns, needs and interests for input in oceans management processes.

  • MAARS provides support for meaningful involvement of Aboriginal Peoples in oceans management processes throughout the Region.

  • MAARS serves our partners by identifying and compiling strategic local views, issues, concerns, needs and interests to a regional level to be considered and incorporated into oceans management discussions and planning.
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