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MAARS Vision

In 2003 and 2004, the three Maritime Region Aboriginal Peoples Representative Organization Councils engaged their communities of Mi'Kmaq, Malecite and Passamaquoddy/Aboriginal Peoples, their governing Council Boards, the Aboriginal communal commercial fsheries entities and other community interests about a collaborative aquatic resources and oceans management body for the region. Through a series of meetings, planning sessions and discussions their communities and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Aboriginal People Representative Organization communities singularly and collectively approved the establishment of a Maritime Region collaborative aquatic resources and oceans management body, initially comprised of a partnership of the three Native Council communities.

The vision of MAARS builds on the path of recognition, respect, sharing and reconciliation through partnership. Building predictable multi-stakeholder partnership relationships, developing greater capacity, participation, and direct involvement in decision making governance about aquatic resources, oceans management and the commercial fishing industry will nurture our future.

Building multi-stakeholder partnerships, developing greater capacity effective participation and involvement in decision making governance about aquatic resources, oceans management and commercial fishing.

MAARS Mission

The MAARS mission is to work together with multi-stakeholders in a climate of partnership and co-management for sustainable oceans life and a healthy living oceans environment.

Aboriginal Peoples and multi-stakeholders involved in partnership for effective participation in decision making governance about aquatic resources, oceans management and the commercial fishing industry, promotes the MAARS mission.

Collectively advancing the rightful share to Atlantic aquatic resources for the sustained economic growth of the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples.

To achieve the vision and mission, MAARS has established a set of goals which reflect the intent of the Aboriginal Aquatic Resources and Oceans Management program initiative for coastal Aboriginal Peoples and the MAARS partners' community goals.

MAARS abridged goals:
  1. Institute a focal point collaborative management body in the Region;

  2. Establish greater effective involvement in governance decision making;

  3. Identify and exchange best management practices;

  4. Develop predictable multi-stakeholders relationships;

  5. Acquire knowledge and maintain an information transfer repository;

  6. Maximize opportunities for sustainable and viable aboriginal communal commercial fisheries;

  7. Plan and expand human capacity in aquatic resources, oceans management and the commercial fishing industry;

  8. Identify and nurture public and private support for Aboriginal Peoples growth;

  9. Propose collaborative enforcement approaches and professional fisheries;

  10. Create a climate for cross-sectorial relationships;

  11. Incorporate sustainable development transects, such as the Oceans Act, Biodiversity Strategy, Species at Risk Act and others important to oceans resources, management and fishing plans;

  12. Foster greater understanding of engagement processes within other government departments;

  13. Profile Aboriginal fisheries experiences, work and growth efforts.

Advancing Aboriginal fisheries & oceans entities best practices, management and decision making.

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