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Canadians realize that there still remain unacceptable gaps and disparities within all spheres of Canadian life between the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada and other Canadians.

While efforts and steps towards a new path of reconciliation in partnership for change and inclusion are being made, the evidence of trust, respect, recognition, co-operation and direct involvement of our Aboriginal Peoples in policy development and governance decision making about aquatic resources, oceans management, commercial fishing planning, and fishing and oceans governance legislation remain veiled.

Canadians agree that it is both appropriate and vital to invite and include Aboriginal Peoples in the governance decision making processes.
  • MAARS serves its partners and their Aboriginal communal commercial fisheries entities with regional input to present at a wide array of aquatic resources, oceans management, commercial fishing industry and governance decision making processes.

  • MAARS serves its partners in working out alternatives, approaches, positions or improvements to present and have considered at governance decision making processes on the Fisheries Act, Oceans Act, SARA, and other aquatic resources, oceans, and environmental acts, regulations, policies, administrative procedures, plans and strategies.

  • MAARS serves its partners by developing Aboriginal aquatic and oceans management community governing models of institutions, commissions or authorities for decision makers to understand and consider.
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