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Everyone in Canada has a stake in promoting knowledge about aquatic resources, participating in oceans management planning, developing relationships and understanding within the commercial fishing industry, and becoming involved in decision making governance.

Aboriginal Peoples and Non-Aboriginal Peoples have a stake, interest, duty and responsibility to ensure that all coastal Canadians including Aboriginal Coastal Peoples of the Maritime Region grow, flourish and are a part of the fabric of Canada. Involvement in decision making governance today will help our future generations to also live the promise that is Canada.

Canada and other countries in the world realize that governance must begin to find and strike a balance for the social progress of citizens, economic prosperity and opportunity of citizens and the sustained integrity and protection of our life giving environments for all interests, today and in the future.

Mother Earth has created all life forms to exist in harmony and balance. Human kind as a creation is interconnected and interdependent on that harmony and balance. We must follow the inclusive path of harmony and balance. To continue separate and apart from our living environments of land, waters and air is to put our continuum at risk.

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